A Guide to Voting Early in Metro Atlanta

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There are few absolutes in elections, but one you can always count on is when there is heavy turnout there is long lines. With the election only two weeks away, and if early voting is a snapshot of what might be expected on November 6, 2013, the lines will be long and could be of epic proportion.

I voted last week at the Ocee Library in Johns Creek and waited in line 25 minutes to cast my ballot. The workers and volunteers at this Fulton County poling site were organized and efficient in processing voters and helpful answering questions and providing sample ballots for those who requested them. If my wait is any indication of what Election Day will look like the lines will be huge despite having every poling location open on the day of the election.

Your vote is important and so is your time, and one way to leverage both is by voting early.

Your Vote Counts Leveraging Life

Here is information, on a county by county basis, about voting early around Metro Atlanta:


In addition to all the candidates to choose from there is a Charter School amendment on the Nov. 6th ballot. If you are undecided or unfamiliar with the amendment, I suggest you read Roger Hines article on the subject, Charter Schools – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Mr. Hines is a retired high school teacher and a former legislator who writes for the Cherokee Tribune, who states the current educational establishment is:

…not just an establishment, but a monolith; one that, despite the good intentions of its leaders, is not academics-centered, but institution/regulation-centered. Does it really take a massive bureaucracy, or the finest buildings, to teach a child to read? Must we have high schools so large that crowd control and discipline force academics to take a back seat? Charter school advocates answer both of these questions with a resounding “No!”

Failure, not success, results when new schools are added to antiquated and out-of-date systems. And while technology has entered the classroom, the way children are educated in those classrooms has not evolved much since public school’s inception during the industrial era some 70 years ago. Two years ago best selling author Seth Godin, discussed this lack of evolution in the education model during an interview with Lee Stranahan

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– So are you planning on voting early?

– What are your thoughts on the current state of the education process?


trusting God period! 

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