A Mother’s Legacy

A Mother’s legacy starts before the children are born and continue long after the children have left the home.

Photo of a generations of Mothers

A mother’s legacy is born…

  • when personal plans and desires are replaced by the need to nurture, protect, and equip.
  • when personal hopes and dreams are put on hold to teach another generation how to hope and dream while they are in your care.

A mother’s legacy involves…

  • when dedication, devotion, and discipline are expressed and intermixed freely with love, trust, and freedom. And while there can be moments of disappointment, disobedience, and defiance, love is always present.

A mother’s legacy is passed on…

  • when you do the best you can, every chance you can, even when it means you miss out or go without something important to you.
  • When the “ah-ha” moment arrives and a child recognizes and understands they why behind all you do.  

A mother’s legacy lives on… 

  • when a child truly understands the significance of the sacrifice that was made for her as she approaches the sacrifice she is about to make for her unborn child.
  • when you model life lessons are remembered, applied, and leveraged in such a way they impact generations to come. 

A mother’s legacy is… 

  • a priceless gift which cannot be repaid, but it is a gift which should be shared over and over. 
  • something only a Mother can leave.

Take a minute today to say thank you to your Mom for the legacy she left in you!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there especially my Mom!

And a special thank you today to all the Moms in my life…you know who you are. The words I’ve written come from what I’ve seen you model with your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren!

Take a look at this short video which has a special message for Moms [and Dads] who have Daughters!

This video features Sarah Kay’s poem, For My Daughter, and was shared at the TED talks of Long Beach.  

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