Being True to Yourself and Geniune With Those Who Read Your Blog

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For the better part of this past year I have had an ongoing inner struggle with regard to my Leveraging Life blog. For me it was the equivalent of being in a sailboat on the lake with a broken rudder; the wind is there to propel the boat but you’re going to have one difficult time controlling the direction using only your sails.

I can attribute some of the loss of direction to the busyness of life. After all there is a Subaru dealership to run, I have a hand in raising teenage stepson’s, I am a mentor my church, and I now serve on the board of directors for  the One Thing men’s ministry. I share these things not as an attempt to impress, only to illustrate how I failed to prioritize keeping this blog current and have potentially lost the audience which was built over the last three years.

Another factor which created a lack of focus was a personal misconception that the further I distanced myself from cancer treatment the less I thought my voice carried within the community who was reading the blog.

No new cancer news to report is a good thing, you would think this would be something to share on the blog?

Ironically my original “about me” statement said Leveraging Life is more that a cancer blog about Tom…go figure?

What I failed to take into account was some of the most popular posts on Leveraging Life, the one’s which generated the most comments and private emails, had nothing to do with my cancer journey.

  • Faith being exercised in the midst of adversity.
  • Sharing how our biggest mistakes can produce life lessons, which when shared, can be leveraged by others to avoid making similar mistakes.
  • How there is courage in the surrender of our will to God’s will for our lives.
  • Learning to trust God period regardless of our circumstances.

Topics like these resonated with readers who visited. Men and women alike enjoyed the stories shared where people beat the odds and overcame the adversity in their lives. People found truth in the midst of circumstances which had the potential to erode their faith yet walked away with faith that amazes all who know their story.

So what will you find as Leveraging Life moves forward?

  • Stories and life lessons learned and shared with the hope they may be leveraged by those who visit and desire to lead a better life.
  • Illustrations of living a life with an attitude of gratitude and how this attitude becomes contagious to those who encounter it.
  • Features on heroes, their stories, and the life lessons learned which can help us lead better lives.
  • Applications we can use in our lives which allow us to finish well and leave the legacy which impacts our family and the generations to follow.

Thank you for being a part of the Leveraging Life community!


trusting God period!

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