What Breaks Your Heart?

The year began with the pastor of my church asking a simple question, what breaks your heart?


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An easy question to dismiss by some who already had more pressing questions awaiting answers. A difficult question for those who had an answer, but who knew if they acted upon their answer they would find themselves outside of their comfort zone.

What Breaks Your Heart?

What breaks your heart was certainly not a of question I wanted to be asked right now. I thought to myself,

of all times for Andy to ask this question, why did it have to be now? 

In my eyes the timing of this question could not have come at a worse time for me. I was in the midst of starting a new company while working through the course work and mentor training to obtain my PCC accreditation. Yet in all my busyness, Andy’s question traveled from my mind to my heart and there was an answer which had to be addressed. 

So what was my answer? What breaks my heart… someone navigating cancer alone!

If you have visited this website you probably are familiar with my cancer story. For those reading this post because someone share it with you, I am a three-time cancer survivor who has been cancer free for the last three years. Fortunately I have had an amazing support group with me throughout my cancer journey, so it was difficult to imagine what it would be like to navigate cancer alone. That was until last summer, when I received an email from someone who had visited my website and now wanted to ask me some questions.

Leverage Your Life | NOW appeared while he was doing an internet search about cancer and faith, and he wanted to know how I came to believe I could trust God period in the midst all the uncertainty during treatment. While I won’t share the specifics of our emails and our subsequent phone conversations, it was quite clear he was navigating cancer alone.

Looking back I know our time together was ordained and more than just an exchange of information. It was a privilege to have an opportunity to share with him my cancer journey and answer his questions about my faith. He could learn first-hand how there are times when our faith is challenged by our frustration and God’s love is sovereign even when our trust waivers during trails. My hope and prayer for him was that he experienced comfort and peace, and came to realize he mattered to God and he mattered to me.

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had. Romans 15:5


Cancer can be physically debilitating, but cancer can also be emotionally devastating for those who are navigating cancer alone….as a fighter, a caregiver, or as a survivor.

  • You Matter is a cancer support community of people like you and me who care about those who are battling cancer. We want to make sure they know they are not alone in their fight.
  • You Matter is a cancer support community of people like you and me who care about caregivers who have stepped in to offer care to family and friends battling cancer. We want them to know we are here to support them.  
  • You Matter is a cancer support community of people like you and me who care about cancer survivors who are learning to navigate life after treatment and who have a desire to leverage their cancer experience with others. We want to offer them a way to connect with other survivors and people who will benefit from their wisdom when they share their own personal cancer journey story.


We have an opportunity, may be for some a calling, to create a community where those who are navigating cancer come to know they matter to us and to God. We can offer care and support in an environment where they experience community!

Sadly most of us have experienced cancer in our lives either directly or indirectly…so if you are moved to leverage your cancer experience in a way which will benefit others please join us!

  • Let’s CONNECT – so we can begin to communicate and discuss how this community will come together and how we will serve those who join.
    • For those of you on Facebook, please use this link to join our Facebook group page. Once there “LIKE” our page and then hit the “Sign Up” button where you will be directed to a secure contact form which will ask for your name and email address.
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  • Let’s SHARE – the news about this community and invite others to join us in our efforts to help build this community. Please spread the word, and be bold sharing this post with anyone who you believe may want to participate in launching the community. There are buttons at the top or bottom of the post which make it easy to share information directly via email or indirectly using the social media channels where you have connections.
  • Let’s PRAY – this is the most important thing we can do individually and collectively!
    • Pray for vision to see how we can serve those who are navigating cancer as a fighter, caregiver, or as a survivor.
    • Pray for wisdom to know how to create engaging and dynamic environments where people can connect in community and serve one another.
    • Pray for the courage to act on your vision and apply your wisdom and talents in a manner where those being served will come to know they matter to you!

Let’s Get Started!

~ Tom Martin

trusting God period

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