Cancer Road Trip – Part Two

Traveling to Seattle


I knew my cancer road trip to Seattle afforded me the opportunity to unplug and reflect on the last few weeks of my cancer journey. Eleven hours in the air flying from Atlanta to Seattle and then back to Atlanta, along with the customary downtime in the waiting room gave me ample time to catch up on my reading. The only question was, which books from the growing pile on my nightstand would make the cut and go with me on the trip. 

As I scanned the titles and the author’s names, I went through the process of debating what I wanted to read and what I felt I needed to read. As God would have there were two books which had arrived a few days earlier, unexpected and not ordered by me. Both books were gifts sent to me by the Catalyst and sent to those who had pre-enrolled to attend their conference in October.

The first book is Plan B by Pete Wilson, which poses this question to the reader:

What do you do when God doesn’t show up in the way YOU thought he would? 

As I was traveling to Seattle to see why my cancer had spread, Pete’s question was something I was already asking myself. And if I wasn’t motivated by the question, the introduction video made it easy for me to put Plan B book at the top of my list to read.

The other book sent by Catalyst was Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick which also poses a question which at the forefront of my mind and so timely for my cancer journey:

What happens when you dare to ask God for the impossible?  

Here is the introduction video for Sun Stand Still.

What is so amazing in my eyes, and don’t miss this point, both books arrived without me ordering them. The arrival of both books right before I was traveling to Seattle was truly a God Wink as far as I’m concerned. So thank you to the Catalyst team for sharing these books with all of us…..for me your timing couldn’t be better! 

Have you ever had an experience where God showed up unexpectedly…may be your very own God Wink? Please share what happened in the comment section!


trusting God period!

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