Christmas Reflections


This is the time of year where our thoughts tend drift and we think of times gone by. For some Christmas reflections stir up the best of memories and for others those Christmas reflections conjure up pain and sorrow. It is especially important this time of year to be aware of those around us who may be burdened while most of us embrace a season of Christmas joy and cheer.

Who in your life do you know who is enduring a “first” Christmas experience this year?

  • Someone who lost a loved during the year.
  • Someone who is no longer married.
  • Someone who is experiencing a role-reversal and now is caring for a parent.
  • Someone who is looking for a job and is worried how they can navigate Christmas this year.
  • Someone whose child can not be home with them this year.

The greatest present you can share with someone who is experience a painful “first-Christmas” is your presence in their lives during this Christmas season!

Here are a few ways you can make your presence known to them:

  • Call at an unexpected time, just to talk.
  • Offer to meet them for a cup of coffee and a conversation.
  • Invite them to attend an event or activity which can distract and has the potential to produce some joy.
  • Leave them a handwritten note letting them know you are thinking about them and they matter to you.
  • Pray for them and remind them God is with them and answers prayers.

A Christmas Scale – Christmas Reflections!

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Don’t delay…someone came to mind as you were reading this post and you know they need to experience your presence in their life today!

Being intentional this Christmas has the potential to impact lives and make a difference this Christmas season; and maybe just maybe, our efforts will also impact our hearts as we shine God’s light on someone who needs to embrace a Savior.

If you experience something special this Christmas season please share what took place and the life lesson learned using the comment field below at Leveraging Life Now!

Merry Christmas!


trusting God period!

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