Flight to Nowhere

I saw a bumper sticker like this last night and it got me thinking about the choices we make in life. God doesn’t force Himself on us, actually God gave us free will to choose the role we want Him to play in our lives. Experience tells me the times I’ve made my God my co-pilot tend to also be the times when I’ve had the most turbulence in my life.  Maybe things begin alright but usually when the turbulence starts I look up and realize I’m on a flight to nowhere. 

Another option to consider would be letting God be your pilot. Don’t ask God to play a role in your story, accept the role he has for you and take a seat. The humility in doing so acknowledges the simple fact that without Jesus there would be no choice.

Mercy and Grace is stamped on your boarding pass, are you flying the plane or enjoying the ride?


trusting God period!

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