Focus On What Is Important Right Now

When asked, “what’s the single most important factor you attribute to your success in life, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett both answered, “my focus.”


I totally agree, and as an executive coach, some of the greatest personal and professional breakthroughs I’ve seen are when a client invests time and energy aligning their focus around the question, “what’s important now?” 

Business Application

Recently I was working with a client who was very clear about what was important to his business, but unclear where his focus could produce the greatest return on investment. Using a process called revenue mapping, we discovered of his four revenue sources, one was more seasonal than the others.

By answering the question what’s important now, my client was able to allocate his time, energy, and marketing budget in this area which produced a much higher return on investment during this season and increased profitability for the year.

Personal Application

So what if you don’t own a business, can you apply the principle of what’s important now to your personal life? Absolutely!

Start by thinking about your life on the macro level. Now break your life down into six segments, something I call the 6 F’s when working with clients.


Ask yourself this question, “how satisfied I am with this segment of my life.”

Rate each of the six F’s on a scale of 1-5, with 1 representing little or no satisfaction and 5 representing extremely satisfied. Once you have rated all six, which one scored the lowest? This segment would be a good place for you to start.


And remember we started at the macro level, so once you have selected your lowest “F”, you need to invest some time thinking about what is causing the score to be lower in this segment as compared to the rest. Ask yourself, “is there one thing I can focus on in this segment which would raise the score and thus improve the overall quality of my life?” Something will usually come to mind with just a little thought.

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