God Uses USC Walk-On to Reach Teammates


The story begins with Ben seeing an announcement about walk-on tryouts for the football team taking place later in the week. Ben Malcolmson, a reporter for the school newspaper who covered the team and he thought there might be a story he could share with the readers if he tried-out for the team. In his wildest dreams, Ben never thought he might make the team having not played football since the 5th grade, much less one of the top ranked Division 1A teams in the nation, the USC Trojans.

“You can catch the ball, you fast, you on the team. Almost immediately after making the team I realized God had His hand on this and He had something great planned.”

Yet despite his hopes and all Ben’s plans to leverage his faith with his teammates, nothing he tried to seemed to working in his eyes.

Did Ben feel frustrated? Of course he did!

Was Ben dejected? Absolutely!

Yet God was at work.!

God had a plan in play with Ben’s teammates.

And little would Ben know how big a role he would play in God’s plan!

Please take a few minutes to watch this video so you can hear the rest of the story.

Here we find lessons all of us can leverage as we navigate life in the midst of the frustration which occurs when our plans don’t fall in alignment with God’s plan for our role where He placed us.

  • We are called to step up and profess who Jesus is in our life and share why we place our trust, faith, and hope in Him to those who God places in our lives.
  • We are called to play a role in the story God is telling with our lives, rather than asking God to come play a role in the story we want our lives to tell.
  • We are called to be humbly surrendered to share the stories where God worked in your life, despite our imperfect intentions and efforts, which reveal who God is and how He can use imperfect people like us to impact this world.

So what story is God wanting to tell with your life?

  • You may not be a walk-on with one of the top ranking college teams in the nation, but you have influence with the organization you are working with…are you prepare to use it?
  • You may have put your career on hold to raise a family, but you’re sacrifice will impact the next generation in your family…can you embrace it without regret?
  • You may be the Spiritual leader in your household, but have you embraced the role and will use the influence you have to take ownership of the Spiritual growth within your family.
  • You may be retired, yet you have so much to give, and there are organizations in your community where you can share your wisdom and mold the next generation of leaders.

Please share the life lessons you found in Ben Malcolmson’s video and how you might what to leverage them in your life!

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