Has It Been A Year Already?


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The last few weeks have been a blur! An example of that fact is you seeing this post now and not July 11th as originally planned. There is a saying, “life get’s in the way,” and I think you’ll agree there are times when “stuff” gets in the way of life as well…and boy has that been the case lately for me!

-Reality Is-

One of the early lessons you learn when cancer enters your world, either as a fighter or caregiver, you must become flexible. You must fight the need to be in control especially when it comes to your schedule. You may lose hours, days, and even weeks as you navigate the maze that is consultations, procedures, treatments, recovery, and follow-ups. For awhile you think you are in control as you schedule all these appointments, but one “surprise” sets off a series of events that tip your schedule like a house of cards. The dealership environment, as is any retail environment, lends itself to a complicated schedule to begin with because they is no semblance of a 9 to 5. So I tried hard to schedule as many of those “interruptions” so they did not interrupt the work flow of our team or interfere with my role and responsibilities to the staff I lead. Working Saturdays affords me most Wednesdays off and I tried to schedule as much as I could on that day to,  but when it is the week of your chemo treatments, your blood work bottoms out, and you mix in “surprise” blood transfusion (as was the case the week of July 11th), it was all I could do to hang on and try to enjoy the ride. 

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Leading up to that week I glanced at my calendar to plan my week, I had a nagging feeling there was something significant about the dates that stared back at me. For me I knew I should have known why those dates carried significance, but for the life of me I could think why. I ran through the typical series of questions, birthdays, anniversaries, etc, only getting more frustrated when nothing came to mind. Then I thought back to last year and what was going on in my life during July 2010, and it suddenly hit me…Leveraging Life’s first post went live July 12, 2010.

For me the idea of writing a blog was something that had been on my mind for almost three years. I bought the domain name http://tommartinatl.com/ over two years ago, but initially did very little to move forward with taking the website live. I’m not really sure why, maybe it was my lacking of real computer skills or a fear that what was posted would be of no interest or value to anyone. Early thoughts for Leveraging Life centered on areas where I had interests and practical real life experience. Things like leadership, motivation through encouragement, coaching, and team building, were topics familiar to me. And it was my hope that when topics like those were shared they could become catalysts for a community to develop leading to more discussion and the sharing of other’s life experiences so all this could be interwoven benefiting all who visit. My plan was to share some of my personal life experiences in such away where it would be evident the times where my faith in God or lack of faith in God played role in those experiences. So in the midst of compiling a list of those experience, and after a great deal of personal reflection, it became clear that

faith, when leveraged, offers the opportunity to lead a better life.

Not a promise of a perfect life. Not a life without troubles or trials, but a better life, because we now have something other than our own ability to come up with answers to questions we may never find the answers. I believe when faith is leveraged, as God designed it, it offers us a lens to view our lives through allowing us to trust God period!

Faith is the confidence that God is who He says He is and will do everything He had promised to do.


As life would have it (as you will see if you follow the link to my original post) things went in a different direction, early & often, from a content standpoint when cancer reentered my life. My hope is the overriding theme of Leveraging Life, leveraging life through faith, stayed true as I’ve done my best to view my cancer journey through the lens of faith.

-Remember When-

As you can see my first post, it included an update my sister Molly prepared about my cancer spreading to inform friends and distant family. Cancer was only supposed to be only footnote in my story not an eclisping theme on Leveraging Life. I had feared if it did could become something resembling Caring Bridge. Obviously my plans and God’s plans were not in sync and the blog ventured in that arena.

-Moving Forward-

As a result of the feedback I’ve received, I’m led to continue to move the content of Leveraging Life in that direction, and by doing so I hope it helps others leveraging their faith as well regardless of the circumstances they face.

My prayer is that part of God’s purpose for this challenging season for me and my family is so we can leverage our faith in a way that helps others Trust God Period; something I truly believe will lead them to make better life decisions, have deeper and more meaningful relationships, and become better stewards with what they have been blessed.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been so loyal to Leveraging Life this past year! Ironically my anniversary post is also my 100th post, pure coincidence, but a milestone of sorts to me at least. I hope you continue to visit, comment when feel so compelled, and share what is written when you feel it’s worthy of doing so!


trusting God period!

PS: If you thought the week I mentioned here was insane, check out post #101, Lottery, it makes that week look mundane! It will be out next week.  

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