Help Fight Cancer Today

It takes a village to raise a child…is a quote most of us have heard, and something which depicts the role a community can play to influence and impact the trajectory of a child’s life. As a cancer survivor, I believe the same thought process can apply if you want to help someone fight cancer.


It takes a community to win the war against cancer and you can help fight cancer today!

Let me introduce you to my friends David and Lynn Walker, fellow Alpharetta residents and members of North Point Community Church who are at war with cancer. David has already gone to war with cancer twice and was recently informed he must battle once again as cancer was found in his brain and liver. Radiation and chemo are underway but aggressive therapies like “high-dose” Vitamin C infusions are not covered by his insurance.  To further compound the situation he lost his job due to the fact his is prohibited from driving for a period of time due to the medication.

Several of David and Lynn’s friends came together to create a You Caring Fundraiser for David’s cancer fight to help offset the cost of their war with cancer.

There are people that God places in your life to make an impact, to embrace you, to mentor and guide you, to love you.  David and Lynn Walker are an inspiration to so many… not just because they’ve displayed the strength and wisdom of a 35-year marriage… and not just  because of the many men and women whose lives have been changed just by knowing them… but also for the strength and courage they have already shown fighting a vicious battle last year… a battle called cancer.

After fighting and winning against stomach cancer, David and Lynn have recently found out that this beast is rearing its ugly head again, this time in the liver and the brain.

We have seen this nasty disease impact so many friends and loved ones and the first question we ask ourselves is … “How can I help?”  This page has been created to allow you to do just that by assisting with the financial burden that comes with fighting cancer.  

If you are able to donate to support David and Lynn, please do so knowing that no amount is too small and that every dollar counts and is appreciated. 

In this day and age, we would be hard-pressed to find a family who has not been touched by cancer, yet most of us are naïve about the cost of the war being waged behind the scenes. While insurance may reduce overarching concerns, thousands will still be spent on deductibles and out of pocket insurance expenses annually. I know first-hand insurance companies are slow to act and certain “non-clinical” therapies and treatments are not covered. So I ask everyone:

Let me ask you a question, if you or a loved one were at war with cancer, is there anything you would not do to help them fight cancer today?

My hope and prayer is the Leveraging Life, Stick it 2 cancer, Roswell High School Alumni, City of Alpharetta, and North Point Church communities to come together in a BIG WAY to support David and Lynn in their war with cancer.

I hope you will join Shari and me in our support of David’s fight with cancer! Let’s help his friends knock out their campaign goal so David only has to battle the disease and not the cost of the care. Please take a minute to leave a note of encouragement when you donate and use the hashtag #wecare in the note and when you share this message on social media.

You can join the fight by making a contribution when you click here


trusting God period!

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