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For those of you who regularly visit Leveraging Life, you have probably noticed a lack of posting since the start of the New Year. Now this wasn’t something I set out to do.  It just evolved as the month of January progressed.

Definition of Hiatus:

  • a break in or as if in a material object.  
  • an interruption in time or continuity – a period when something (as a program or activity) is suspended or interrupted. 

I’m guilty as charged! This past December was busy…plain busy! 

Between the blending of two families holiday traditions, Shari’s and mine, along with the year-end craziness at my Subaru dealership there wasn’t much time for anything other than holding on and enjoying the season. And if the busyness of December wasn’t challenging enough, any thoughts of my annual vision casting for 2012 took a back seat to planning for our upcoming “postponed” honeymoon. 

Shari and I had to skip taking the post-wedding traditional honeymoon and opted for a couple of days in the North Georgia Mountains so I would not have to delay starting chemo. 

After seven magical days at Al Cielo, a place I’ll detail in an upcoming Friday Favorite post, I returned home relaxed, recharged, and lost. 

Lost as in: 

  • How should my Leveraging Life blog evolve and am I prepared to commit the time necessary for it to grow and become a resource? 
  • How can my cancer journey be leveraged to help others in difficult circumstances come to trust God and grow spiritually?  
  • How do hitting sales objectives and quotas factor into living a life filled with purpose, especially in light of what I faced this past year? 
  • How could sharing my story help others to seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? 
  • What is God’s will truly for my life? 

As I reflected over and over on these “lost” thoughts and then looked back over the last four weeks of inactivity on the blog, a movie scene from Top Gun came to mind:  the scene where Maverick is facing a decision. Does he stay a safe distance from the action or does he engage, take risks and get back in the fight? You know how the scene ends, Maverick talks to Goose and gets back into the fight to save the day. 

A Common Place

I think for a lot of us we find ourselves in a place where we are safe and comfortable, yet we long for more. Taking risks opens the door to failure, something both unsafe and uncomfortable. Yet, for growth to occur, risks have to be taken.  If not for risks, we would have never found ourselves on bikes without training wheels.  

A Great Place To Start

I’ve been praying that God would show me His will for me in this next season of life. And although I’ve not experienced anything truly enlightening, I have had this feeling that it’s time for me to re-engage in some familiar areas and engage in some unfamiliar areas and take some risks. 

  • Re-engage at work as this provides the funding for everything else I’m trying to accomplish. 
  • Re-engage on the blog, keep writing and sharing and trust God period that there will be people who can benefit from what is written and shared by those who comment. 
  • Engage socially via the platforms that are developing for me via social media. 
  • Engage in networking not for what I may gain but for how I may help others by facilitating connections. 
  • Engage in more physical activity to exercise and release some of this frustration. 
  • Engage by mentoring in the cancer and faith arenas, sharing my story and offering emotional support and assistance to others. 

Engage and grow…maybe that’s what God has been saying all along, only I might not have been listening. 


trusting God period!   

  • Have you ever found yourself in place unsure where you were supposed to next? 
  • How did you navigate from that place and chart a new course?

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