Honoring the Gift

“None of us can predict the future and few of us truly let go of the past.”

Life is was complicated a year ago. Work and family blended with blood tests, chemo treatments, radiation, PET scans, post surgery physical therapy, etc!  Distractions and disruptions to say the least, but thanks to cancer research which influenced my cancer treatment protocol, they are no longer a fixture in my life.

Life is still complicated today, but thankfully today’s complications are easier to navigate without having to deal with being treated for cancer. My focus can be on what matters most to me…my family, my friends, and the work I believe I’m called to do both in the market place and in the community.

Research Funding – Saves Lives

I said it last year as a cancer fighter and I say it today with even more authority as a 3 time cancer survivor. Please take a moment to watch this video to hear David’s perspective as he shares his story and how funding cancer research saved his life.

 [tentblogger-youtube gzQHG-hOHxY]

I ask you to join the fight and help me honor the gift I’ve been given!

Someone you know and quite possibly someone you love benefited from cancer research and is alive today because of someone stepped up to make a donation.

  • Tomorrow we walk for those who still battle cancer.
  • Tomorrow we walk for survivors who have overcomed cancer.
  • Tomorrow we walk for those who lost their lives to cancer.

Today you can support our Leveraging Life – Stick it 2 cancer team by making a donation you’re own donation in honor of loved one’s who have battled cancer, overcome cancer, or who lost their life to cancer!

Click here to make a donation! 

What you donate really doesn’t matter, seriously, give what you feel compelled to give, everything accumulates to a bottom line…a bottom line that save lives like you, just saw in that video.


It doesn’t have to be a lot…$5, $10, $25 will add up and could be just enough to help create the next miracle! Donate Here.

Thanks for joining Shari & I as we Stick it 2 cancer again this year!


trusting God period!

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