Life Coaching


Image of Life Coaching goal map

Life coaching focuses entirely on personal growth and development. This style of coaching helps clients explore and assess their current strengths and weaknesses in order to initiate positive change which improves overall quality of life. The primary objective in life coaching is to instill empowering beliefs which builds confidence and equips you for sustainable and lasting improvement.

Just as an athlete would have a coach in their corner to push and support them, a personal life coach is there to help you feel capable and confident in your pursuit of goals and when challenges come your way. Regardless of the situation or the desired outcome coaching affords clients the opportunity to have objective commentary, an alternative viewpoint, and addition insight which comes from other clients they have coached through similar situations.

Personal life coaching empowers clients to design the life they were meant to live. At times there can be a gap between where you are and where you want to be, and through the process of coaching clients bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be.

Whether you have one skill you wish to target, or there are several areas of focus, a personal development plan may help. Would you like to:

checkLive to your full potential

checkEliminate stress and create balance in your life

checkLive an inspired and purpose-filled life

checkFind motivation, enthusiasm, desire

checkGain clarity

checkAccomplish more in less time and with less energy

checkStop settling for less than what you deserve

checkMaximize your growth and achieve more success

checkSet clear priorities and discipline around what matters most in life

checkManage conflict

checkCommunicate more effectively

checkIncreasing self-awareness

You already have a good life, let Tom Martin help you design the life you know you were destined to live. If you’d like to see how life coaching can help you, take a minute to fill out my contact form here.