Living Full Out

Radio Show Guest Appearance

I had a great time appearing with Nancy Solari on her nationally syndicated radio show, Living Full Out!tom-martin-coaching-living-full-out-radio


My Living Full Out episode, When You Believe You Can Overcome Limitations as You Live Full Out, originally aired on February 10th. Nancy and I discussed overcoming adversity and finding hope in the most challenging of circumstances. Plus we talked about the life lessons I’ve learned from battling merkel cell cancer three times and how this was a catalyst for me to leave the automotive industry and become a certified executive coach.

You can listen to the Living Full Out show using the Spreaker Audio player below. And you will find my two segments with Nancy starting at the 15-minute mark of the show. 


I share my story to share the life lessons I’ve learned along the way and even offer hope. You are not alone, and feel free to reach out with questions. You can learn more about my cancer journey on my blog and also in the Huffington Post feature, Voices of Strength – Stories of Survival  

What is Living Full Out…

Living Full Out is a way of viewing your world – your circumstances, your goals, and your life story – as a springboard to success.

When you’re living life full out…you take the bad with the good and see setbacks as a chance to grow. You never settle for stuck, never run from a challenge, and never rest on your laurels. You wake each day excited to greet what will happen next.

When you’re living full out…you feel free, strong, and capable. You are known as someone who is inclusive and supportive, who always looks for the best in any situation. Areas in your life where you feel limited suddenly become open and free, goals that were unattainable become easy to accomplish. Watch results roll in, new opportunities appear, and relationships grow. Anything is possible with the right mindset, embrace it all and keep moving forward!

About Nancy Solari…

Nancy Solari is an authentic, passionate, and successful example of how you can live the life you want with an empowered and positive mindset regardless of the challenges you face. Nancy has first-hand experience with major challenges. When she was sixteen years old, Nancy was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, and over the years experienced subtle yet measurable vision loss. Nancy chose to plow ahead, rather than let the news kill her dreams and now shares her tools for success with audiences and groups all over the country.

After years of proving to herself that nothing could stop her from living the life she knew she deserved, Nancy started her business, Living Full Out, to help others realize their dreams. Besides writing books and providing personal coaching, Nancy also speaks professionally, reaching out to a variety of audiences who enthusiastically embrace Living Full Out. In addition, Nancy hosts the inspirational variety talk show Living Full Out, and the national Living Full Out with Nancy Solari radio show.

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