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My One Word for 2011 was “pause.” 

Who would have known this one word could have impacted my mindset throughout the most challenging and rewarding year of my life.

~2011 was a year where my dream of being a husband and a father became reality with one single “I Do.”

~2011 was a year where I faced cancer for a third time and battled to the best of my ability through five months of chemo and trusted God period for what I could not control.

~2011 was a year, had I not slowed down and paused through in the midst of every challenge and in every blessing I would have missed seeing God’s handiwork in my life and the lives of those who joined me in this journey.

My One Word for 2012…hmmm? My One Word focus for next 365 days err…325 days?

After much thought and deliberation it has to be Growth, a word that is so appropriate to focus on after the year I had in 2011. I want to take all the life lessons learned…the good, the not-so-good, and the awesome and grow from them. I want to share them with the hope they may help and influence others in a way that they too can grow from my experience.

For me I’m talking about total…across the board growth, both personally and professionally. Growth in the five areas which I feel encompasses a full and complete life.

– Faith –

Be focus and committed to growing my Faith through the time I spend alone with God studying His word, in our marriage as we keep God at the center of our relationship with daily prayer and daily devotionals, and in community with others who have God and the center of their lives as we share His Word in my Men’s group and our Couple’s small group. Ephesians 4:14-15

– Family –

Be diligent and committed in my efforts to grow as a Husband and a Stepfather as I strive not to assume the role of spiritual leader in our home, but to EARN this role through my acts and deeds. Joshua 24:15

– Friends –

Be humble and committed to seeking wise counsel from the friends God has placed in my life and be available to be the wise counsel as God works through me for my friends. Position myself in personal growth opportunities where new friendship can develop. Proverbs 19:20 & Proverbs 11:14

– Fitness –

Be serious and committed to my healthy living plan as it truly is a reflection of how I honor God for His gift of healing. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

– Finances –

Be intentional and committed in the ways I can honor God with the blessings He provides using the simple formula of give, save, and live on the rest. Luke 14:28

You can see that there is one central theme through all of these growth areas and that theme is commitment. As I have said before I believe that in order to achieve something you must first be committed to it, not simple wish to achieve it. So for me I’m committed to leveraging what I experience in 2011 with the expectation that by focusing on these five areas in my life I will grow as Christian, grow as a Husband, Stepfather, Son, and brother, grow as a Friend to others, grow Healthier, and grow as a Steward of what God has entrusted me to hold.

So what is your One Word for 2012, what will be your focus?

Take a minute to think about the one area where you feel that nudge to focus on in your life. This could be the place where you find your One Word for 2012, and as a result could impact 2012 in ways you can’t begin to imagine!


One word can change everything.

Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Scrap the long list of goals that you won’t remember three weeks from now anyway. Choose just one word.

One word that sums up who you want to be or how you want to live or what you want to achieve by the end of 2012.

One word that you can focus on every day, all year-long.

It will take hard work, and will require intentionality and commitment. But if you let it, your word will shape you and your year. It will guide your decisions and help you grow.

Discover the big impact one word can make.

One Word ~ 365 Days ~ A Changed Life

So what will your One Word for 2012 be moving forward? I hope you will consider sharing it in the comment section below so we can journey with you with the rest of us so we can journey together!

For those of you who have already become a part of the online OneWord365 community please share you word with all of us here and a link to your post why you chose it as you One Word for 2012.


trusting God period!

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