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Most Fridays I feature a website or a blog that for me has become a favorite. It maybe a favorite resource, a source of inspiration, or just some distraction I frequent. Give the Friday Favorite a look, read, or listen, and please feel free to comment about mine and share a favorite or two of your own in the comment section. Who knows maybe we will feature one of yours as a future Friday Favorite.  


Friday October 22, 2010

Turning Donald Miller’s best selling book Blue Like Jazz into a movie was actually the inspiration for Miller’s latest book A Million Miles and a 1000 years. One of the few books I’ve read which I would classify as a personal game-changer for the reader if they choose to apply what Don shares about creating a better personal life story. 

I chose Save Blue Like Jazz as a Friday Favorite because of the story is itself is equally as important as what was accomplished in only 36 days. Something that what was thought to be impossible….became probable. This story  illustrates how dreams can become reality when passionate people apply a simple 3C (creativity + connectivity + cause) formula in conjunction with community (in this case online) to mobilize the masses for success. 

And what has been accomplished thus far is truly remarkable!!

Pretty Amazing!! I was drawn into the story, I wanted to be able to say that I made a difference in the trajectory of something I believed in. Oh yeah….when you see Blue Like Jazz on the BIG SCREEN next year make sure you hang around for the credits so you can see me listed as one of the 500+ associate producers.

Pretty Cool!! It ranks right up with being quoted in John Maxwell’s latest book Everyone Communicates But Few Connect. 

OK being quoted in a John Maxwell book is a much bigger deal…sorry Don!

Obviously both stories figure prominently on my list of the Top 10 things I’ve accomplished for 2010, but what is not to be overlooked or missed is the fact that in both situations I took an active role in something and become part of the story.

There are stories are going on all around us, all we have to do is look around…let God know we’re available…and have the courage to act.

  • For me helping raise money for a movie I believe in and for an author whose work I love was fun.
  • Being quoted in a leadership book by someone I admire and who is considered to be the #1 leadership authority in the world was an honor.
  • Raising money for Charity Water to build a well where there wasn’t any water was important.
  • Being a Hope Mentor for my church and helping other men grow closer to God was my duty.   

So I challenge you to look at your life and start thinking about 2011.

What stories have you been observing in 2010 where you continue to feel some tension to be a part of the story?  

Have you made your list of “what if” questions I mentioned yesterday…..what jumps off the page that needs to find a way into your story for 2011?

Now you have an idea or two…. get on the field, don’t wait for your play to be called….script your own play and story for 2011! 


trusting God period


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