Good Friday


iStockphoto © Ricardo Reitmeyer

My prayer has been as much for me as it has for everyone who has visited Leveraging Life these last few weeks is that we all would take some time to reflect on what Jesus was called to do, then chose to do, and actually did for us to be NEW AGAIN!

So with Easter weekend upon us and today being Good Friday, I’ll share another video to set the stage. Yes, another featuring scenes from Passion of the Christ, but not to worry this one may be easier to take as it steers clear of the brutality of those final hours. For me this one is more moving because both the song and the video are from the perspective of what Mary witnessed as Jesus’ mother. 

The song, New Again, is a duet by Brad Paisley and Sara Evans. Special thanks to my friend Jesse Whitfield, from OneThing, for recommending this video which for me captures the spirit of what Good Friday should represent to all of us.

[tentblogger-youtube J7wEa8YTGhM]


My hope and my prayer through this series of posts is that Easter for you has gotten a little more personal and you’ve been impacted by what you’ve seen and listened to.