Is Everyone Working From Home?


Say goodbye to business as usual, most if not all your staff could be working from home as a result of Covid-19.

Do you think your company is ready?

With more people than ever working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak, business owners’ leadership skills will be put to the test.

Maybe the better question is… are you ready?

Be mindful of what it is because what you say will set the tone and they will follow your lead when they are talking with customers, clients, and colleagues. 

With that being the case and so much at stake, it’s time to get personal!

Simply ask, “how are you doing?”

Listen, ask questions, be aware of concerns, worries, or fears. And you will have multiple people on the call, give everyone the opportunity to answer that question.

Communicate You Care

The very fact you asked shows you care and it reinforces the relationship you have with them and the team.

Remember, for many of them this is new to them. They are worried about how all this will work which adds to all the other concerns they have about how the coronavirus outbreak will impact their family and life.

I guaranty that everyone will be far more receptive to everything you have to say after you’ve inquired about how they are doing.

Ok, now your turn…

  • What are your thoughts, recommendations, and suggestions.
  • What are some of the things you plan to do in your business?
  • What will you say to your employees as your company navigates the all the unknown surrounding Covid-19 and its impact in the marketplace?

Leave a comment below so we can learn together and lead well in our community…

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