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New Website Coming Soon

The Tom Martin Coaching website is about to have a new look, more features, and will offer new information and resources designed to help clients prosper in business and thrive in life.


Tom Martin Coaching Website

This website conversion has been a work in process since July and the final modifications are almost complete. Trent Phillips and his team Bizography have worked hard to turn vision into reality and the grand unveil with take place in a matter of days. The end result will be a website which serves as both a guide and resource to prospective clients considering coaching and existing clients who are fully engaged in the coaching process.

I want to emphasize this is a launch, not an ending.

For those of you who have been a part of the community since 2009 and are loyal subscribers to the Leveraging Life Now blog, don’t distress. The content you enjoyed and have come to appreciate, comment on, and share with others via social media will still be featured on the Tom Martin Coaching blog. And much of what was shared under the category of life lessons with regard to overcoming obstacles, navigating change, facing challenges head-on, faith in the face of adversity, personal development, leadership, and spiritual growth will appear in the personal growth and development category once the website goes live.

While the final tweaks are being made here, please continue to visit the Leveraging Life Now Facebook page and the @TomMartinATL on Twitter feed for information I share on business development, personal growth, and leadership insights.

And if you’re new…

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All the best…

~ Tom

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