What You Can Expect During Eclipse 2017

So you think you’re ready for the once in your lifetime total solar eclipse 2017?


  • You have 1-3 pm blocked off on your calendar so you won’t be interrupted during the eclipse.✔️
  • You’ve purchased your ISO certified solar eclipse glasses. ✔️
  • You’ve scouted a perfect location to view the eclipse. ✔️ 

Great job preparing for Eclipse 2017!  

But, do you know what to expect? Do you know what to look for as this grand spectacle unfolds? 

Mashable posted a simulation of the eclipse which was created by the Weather Channel. The simulation depicts what casual observers on the ground will experience as the total solar eclipse takes place on August 21. Be warned, Mark Elliott‘s play by play description could be a spoiler for those who want to be surprised as everything occurs in real time. 

Have fun and enjoy the show!

And remember, in life and in business, preparation is key when you want to create meaningful and memorable experiences.  

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