Why You Need To Pursue Your Purpose

Personal Development Coaching can help you pursue your purpose. This style of personal growth coaching creates an environment where you can explore and assess their current strengths and weaknesses in order to initiate positive change which can improve your overall quality of life.


Lasting Improvement

The primary objective in personal development coaching is to instill empowering beliefs builds  confidence and equips you for sustainable and lasting improvement.

Meet Richard (not his real name), a guy who seems to be living the dream. He has done well in his career, his marriage has a solid footing, his kids do well in school and are active in sports. He lives in a nice neighborhood, attends church on a pretty regular basis, and wishes he had more time to be at the lake or on the golf course.

From the outside, it appears as though Richard has it all and everything in his life is working just as he planned. Yet on the inside, Richard feels lost, unfulfilled, and like there’s something missing.

Sadly, Richard bought into the false belief that our satisfaction and our happiness is the result of having right job and all the other “right things” which culture has determined to be “success.” Richard doesn’t realize that true success comes from knowing and living out your purpose. When you are living in alignment with your purpose, you have more peace, joy, and satisfaction in your life.

There is a popular notion that we discover our life purpose in one of those “ah-ha” moments. It’s easy to believe that if you’re introduced to the right person, read the right book, or have the right experience that it will all click in a single instant.

Pursue Your Purpose

Personal Development Coaching helps clients develop a clear sense of purpose. By using open-end and thought-educing questions, clients can discover what the priorities are in their life. Some clients may even be compelled to take risks and push forward in the midst of obstacles and challenges to move in the direction of a purpose-filled life.


Not sure where to start, open your calendar, and look at last week…

-> What activities do wish was on this week’s calendar that is not?

-> What were the things where time just flew but and you got lost in the work or the activity?

Now, look at your calendar for the upcoming week…

-> List the activities that make you smile?

-> What are the things you can’t wait to get started doing?

Once you have your two lists, ask yourself…

  • What do you hope you never have to do again, or at least for a very long time?
  • Are there activities you put off till the last minute time after time when they appear on your schedule?
  • Are there one or two things you wish you could delegate or pass on to someone else?

See any patterns or common areas of frustration? Work, home, or a blending of both?

What needs to go away?

  • Are there things you can eliminate?
  • What can you delegate or a least do less of?  
  • Is there a way to bookend what you dread with what enjoy?  

Now back to Richard…

No career change was required, Richard never wandered near the mid-life crisis zone. The only this required was for Richard to make a slight pivot in his work toward pursuing his purpose. He was able to modify his work schedule two days a week which afforded Richard a chance to attend his son’s practice and the opportunity to drive his kids to school most morning. Missing those important activities produced guilt for Richard and was a source of tension in his marriage as those responsibilities fell on his wife regardless of her work schedule.

As a result of our work together, Richard recognized that pursuing his purpose involved reconciling how he invested his time.

  • Richard’s work, and the time he spent there produced a quality of life for his family.
  • Richard’s time away from work, and the time he spent with his family, produced the quantity of quality life in his family.

Finding the appropriate balance required hard work and sacrifice on Richard’s part. But if you were to ask Richard he would tell you it was worth the effort.

Richard and I now meet every other month to review progress and revise goals as necessary because he understands leading a purpose-filled life will define the legacy the legacy he wants to leave.

Question: Have you found your purpose? What motivated you to pursue your purpose in the first place?  Share your story in the comment section.  

What motivated you to pursue your purpose in the first place?  Share your story in the comment section.  

Share your story in the comment section.  

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